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Anti-Ageing Treatments

Tooth Grinding & Jaw Clenching

Bruxism is the medical term used to describe unconscious tooth grinding or clenching while awake or asleep. Teeth grinding can impact the enamel of the teeth, as well as the muscles of the jaw and face. Chronic bruxism can lead to recurring headaches, facial pain and migraines.

Facial fillers help reduce tooth grinding and jaw clenching. This relieves the associated pain and discomfort. This treatment may be used in combination with a special night guard.

A small amount of filler is inserted in the sides of the face. The muscle relaxes, which helps control the involuntary grinding of the teeth and clenching of the jaw. Voluntary movements, i.e. chewing and facial expressions, are not affected by the treatment.

Results start being felt approximately 4 weeks after the injections, with the final result seen at 6-8 weeks. Results can last for up to 6-8 months.

Tension headaches/ Migraines

Clenching and grinding of the jaw muscles, as well as tensing the muscles of the neck and shoulders can often lead to tension headaches and in some cases migraines.

Facial fillers relieve the tension in these muscles, often reducing the frequency and severity of tension headaches and migraines.

Gummy Smile

A gummy smile is seen when a lot of gum shows above the upper teeth. This is due to the underlying bone or over activity of the upper lip. Placing filler in the upper lip helps to improve the appearance of the smile.

Meet our aesthetic clinician

Dr Christina Evaghoras BDS (Lond), MFDS RCS (Eng), MSc. (Orthodontics), MOrth RCS (Eng)

Dr Christina Evaghoras is dedicated to providing an expert, informative consultation and tailor-made treatment process. Christina’s extensive clinical knowledge and experience allows her to provide you with expert advice and planning.

Christina firmly believes in a personalised and informative approach, providing each patient with excellent pre, peri- and post-treatment care. Our aim is to treat in a subtle way; we want others to tell you you’re looking well, not to ask what you’ve had done! All treatments are carried out using world-leading Allergan products.

Whether it’s for a ’gummy smile’, teeth grinding, crooked teeth or frown lines. Excessive sweating of the underarms or palms can also be treated. We will provide you with all the information you will need to achieve what you would like to achieve.

We offer anti-wrinkle treatments after a face-to-face consultation.

The non-permanent range of fillers have durable, long-lasting results (up to 24 months). There are two great filler ranges.

One provides an excellent result and can last up to a year. The other range has some of the smoothest, longest lasting fillers available, lasting for up to two years.

Facial fillers can be used for all areas of the face, including for facial sculpting, where treatment is planned to make subtle changes in a few areas of the face to improve the overall look.

Anti-ageing, Facial, Jaw & Perspiration Treatments

Facial fillers (dermal fillers), are used to restore, add volume and reduce the appearance of lines, wrinkles and facial folds. It is also used to replace lost volume and plump out the skin, as well as adding definition and shape.

Anti-ageing injections for:

    • Frown lines.
    • Forehead lines.
    • Crow’s feet.
    • Bunny lines.
    • Neck bands (turkey neck).
    • Downturned mouth.
    • Dimpling of skin over the chin.
    • Seven point non-surgical face lift.
    • Reduction of jowls.
    • Softening of deep lines in the lower half of the face, for example, the lines between the nose and mouth or mouth and chin.
    • Improved definition of the cheek bones.
    • Replacing lost volume in the upper part of the face, which in turn lifts the lower half of the face.
    • Plumping and improved definition of the lips.
    • Improvement of the jaw and chin profile, for example, correcting a receeding jaw.
    • Lighter, hydrating fillers to plump up the skin and remove fine lines on the face or the hands.

The effects of fillers are seen immediately and develop further in the two weeks following.

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