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Sometimes a tooth is damaged beyond repair due to trauma or decay. Or to reduce overcrowding of the mouth before a more in-depth orthopaedic treatment.

When this occurs, it becomes necessary to remove the tooth by extraction.

Why would I need a tooth extracted?

  • A tooth is too badly damaged to be repaired
  • Your mouth is overcrowded, and teeth are misaligned
  • A tooth has been impacted, or not fully emerged from the gumline
  • A tooth has become loose from injury or disease

Is extraction common?

The most common teeth to undergo extraction are wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth are the molars farthest back on the jawline. Since they are generally the last teeth to come in, they are often impacted. This can cause decay and infection as well as swelling or discomfort. The only remedy is to extract the tooth before it can cause irreversible problems.

Will a tooth extraction hurt?

Your dentist at Apolline Dental will ensure you are comfortable before, during, and after your extraction. You will receive anaesthesia before the extraction and should not feel any discomfort.

After the minor surgery, there may be swelling or facial discolouration that should subside fairly soon. You’ll be put on a soft diet immediately following the procedure to give the extraction site proper time to heal.

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